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Are house keys needed?

Name the one thing you never leave the house without.

  • It gets you into important places.
  • It is a big deal when you share
  • it with someone else.

A key, silly. And like every necessity, it deserves respect. A dash of style. For less than the price of a latte, you can transform that clunky key chain into a work of art. Decorative House Keys: KeysRCool come in pre-printed patterns and fit most locks. Pick your mood: flowers, zebra or cheetah print, American flags, rainbows, or hearts (aww, give your honey the key to your …). Pick you character: Minnie, Garfield, Snoopy, or Elvis Presley.The added bonus? It’ll be a cinch to tell top from bottom locks. And when you stumble home from your favorite hangout after too many margaritas, that’s a darn good thing. http://www.Decorative House Keys: has been in business since September 2005. We have over 600 different type House Keys.

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