Know your key type

When buying house keys, especially designer house keys, the main thing you need to keep in mind is the type of key that you want to duplicate. There are many different types of house keys, don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong type. The most common types are KW1 (Kwikset), SC1 (Schlage) and WR5(Weiser).

Key blanks can be correctly identified in one of 3 ways:

  • First, a key blank may be identified by the shape of the head of the key. The shape of the head is an invaluable aid in identifying a key blank, but it is not a guarantee of a match. See Figure: Key Type.
  • Second, a key blank may be identified by the alpha-numeric code found on the key head. See Figure: Key Type.
  • Third, all else fails, ask a local locksmith.
KeysRCool: House key type

Figure: Key Type

Interchangeable key types:

  • KW1 = 66
  • KW10 = 97
  • KW1 = KW = KW10
  • SC1 = 68



9 responses

  1. Hello, my name is Luis. I wanted a customized key but I was just wondering what the process is for you guys to duplicate my key. Would I have to send my own key in or how would that process work? thank you.


    1. HI:

      I do not ‘cut’ the key. You can take the key to your local hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, Ace, etc…) and they will ‘cut’ the key


      1. Do you have the Elvis TCB blank key in KW?

        I have 2 SC1 Elvis TCB —
        as of 4 dec 2017


  2. My house key is a #97. Is that equivalent to a kw11?


    1. Yes, a KW11 will work for a #97


  3. Richard Johnson | Reply

    I need to get 1 SC1 key and 1 KW 1 key both with the giraffe print. Can I get that from you?


    1. No, I only have the SC1 in stock for the giraffe. I do have the SC1 & KW for Jaguar:


  4. Can you make colorful blank keys with paw prints
    Thank you


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